Influential Bartenders Throughout History

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Bartending is a notable profession that has been around for centuries. From the early innkeepers in England to today’s creative mixologists, the bartending world has evolved significantly over the years. When you hire a professional bartender to work at your next event, you can expect friendly and engaging service that will delight all of your… Read more »

Learn How Scotch Whisky Is Made

Alcoholic Amber Whiskey Bourbon in a Glass with Ice

Scotch whisky is the perfect beverage for those who enjoy the finer things in life. In fact, this ancient drink is rooted in centuries of Scottish tradition. Since the 15th century, master distillers have been malting, fermenting, and distilling scotch whisky using tried and true methods. If you are thinking of serving whisky during catered… Read more »

Look Back at the History of Bartending


Bartending is an ancient practice that can trace its roots back to the Greek and Roman eras. When you hire a bartender to serve at your next party, he or she will rely on centuries of traditions in order to craft the perfect cocktails for your guests. The history of bartending can shed some light… Read more »

Pairing Different Alcohols with Food

Claasic nachos with ground beef and fresh jalapeno chile peppers.

Food and drink pairings can help take your special event to the next level of excellence. Whether you are gearing up for a summer wedding, or you are preparing for your first major outdoor barbecue of the season, you will want to think carefully about how your dishes will combine with your cocktails and other… Read more »

Look Back at the History of Cocktails

Martini pour lime and olive

When you host a party for your family and friends, there is a good chance that your favorite cocktails will be on the drink menu. From the classic Martini to the iconic Manhattan, there are endless varieties of cocktails that you and your guests can enjoy. You may be surprised to learn, however, that the… Read more »